Büchermarkt en la CASA

We host this last weekend a ‚Book flea-market‘ where we offer the books that neighbours and visitors have been donated to CASA and to our public bookshelf throughout the last year. Neighbours could also bring their own donations for the day.

The room suddenly was full, more than 500 book between previous and current donations, creating this old library feeling, where smell of aged pages filled the space. Some curious but shy bookworms skim through the room, walking in circles hoping to find a hidden treasure. Some other decided to just sit and read, right on the spot. Discussions sparked over a title, or a cover, lasting for minutes before the strangers introduce to each other.

Kids were happy too. Old versions of Asterix and Obelix open the window to an evening of adventures.

Coffee and cake were ready on the other room, for those who wanted to chat rather than read.

For one weekend we got to feel like an old Neighbourhood bookstore. La casa del Libro.

Jesús Martínez