Allgemein Platzgestaltung

Parklets back to Stuttgart

Hallo Stuttgart!
On Tuesday 13.Febraury.2019 by the Umwelt- und Technikausschuss, the application to bring #parklets back to Stuttgart was approved. The application submitted by the Grüne in cooperation with SÖS Linke PluS, SPD and Die Stadtisten was voted and accepted by the committee.

The revisited and improved guidelines shall be published in the next weeks. Among other points:

-This new ‚test phase‘ will last two years

-Each Bezirk could host up to 10 parklets. Even though there is no actual limit, 10 is the propose number by the city.

-Due to weather, the lifespan of the parklets will be set from March to November

-Applicants will pay an amount as high as the ‚Anwohnerparkausweiss‘ for the permission

But for now, prepare your ideas for a nice reconquer of your #publicspace !!


Jesús Martínez.