Nachbarschaft Selbstgemacht

5.Co-Design Treffen – Nachbarschaft Selbstgemacht

On the 23. April we present to the neighbours the latest design of the intervention.

Taking into consideration all the recommendations given by the Transit Authority (Strassenverkehrsbehörde) and the needs of the neighbours, the final design includes:

-A green fence that will protect the area from the transit crossing the square

-The garden boxes will be distributed around the project border to create a proper division between the road space and the new pedestrian area

-A stage will be integrated into the design to provide a multifunctional space for exchange, communication and expression and debate.

-A big piece of fabric will cover the area to provide with needed shadow during summer days.

-A self bearing structure will complement the protection to the road creating a buffer with greenning above head and give character to the intervention by demarking the new space.

Recommendations were taken as the neighbours still found the design improvable.