Platzgestaltung Veranstaltungen

Park(ing) Day 2018 am Schützenplatz

On the third Friday of September, the international Park(ing) Day is celebrated. This day intents to show the potential lying on our public space by transforming just for one day parking spots into small pedestrian experiences.

This year we participated with a Plastic installation made out of re-used plastic bags to create an inflatable living room.

It was the second use for an installation built together with Verein ( and the Basurama Collective from Madrid ( in the ShaRE Workshop at St. Maria Kirche on 4-8.09. The participants for that workshop where 11 students mainly from the MSc. IUSD from Stuttgart University.

We use only old plastic bags that we collect between the participants, tape them together, pattern them in the shape, blow them with a big ventilator and voila!
The idea is to generate awareness or the potential of materials that we regularly consider trash or waste.
For parking day we took 8 parking spots and pump it around 12pm. Immediately kids showed up, bring books, balloons, and play around. We made some promo with helium blue balloons hanging around in the neighbourhood. We ate there, get some beers. Some table outside for the ’shy people‘ that didn’t want to get in.
Around 18h when the storm came we had to de-inflate it for around an hour, but after that, more people showed up and we inflate it again and stayed there until around 21:30.
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