Nachbarschaft Selbstgemacht

4. Co-Design Treffen – Nachbarschaft Selbstgemacht

Topic for the 4.Session was to discuss the activities that the neighbours will bring to Phase 3.Bespielung

These activities should be aimed to open a discussion between the community about the different uses for the public space in a local level. There should be a consideration to not create activities where consume is needed.

Activities doesn’t have to be anything special like proper events, the square can also be used as a rehearse space, or to just have meet-ups, meetings or round tables. The new space should be seen more as a chance to use public space to communicate with your neighbourhood.

-What activities can bring me closer to my community?

Unfotunately, the day before the workshop we received the news that the renovations at Schützenplatz will be delayed, if not completely stopped indefinitely. That turned the planned workshop to design the program into a heated discussion about how to react to this heavy news.